License Models

The application of the XCARAT software requires a valid license key. The license can be used as floating license or as local license. We offer a couple of different models like a purchase license, a rental license, a research license or a test license.

If you purchase a XCARAT license, you can use it for an unlimited period of time. Software updates or support require an annual service fee.

We offer rental licenses for 3, 6 or 12 months. The service fee is included in the rental fee. You can extend the rental period according to your needs. If you decide to buy the software, we charge the rental fee by 100%.

Research licenses can be given to universities or research labs as well as to students without any costs. The run-time of the license can be defined according to the research project. The research license allows for unlimited software application.

Free test licenses can be used for 2 months in order to test software performance and application. The run-time of a test license cannot be extended.

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