A detailed structural analysis is the basis of each structural optimization process. During the analysis all mechanical properties of the components are investigated. The offered analysis strategies are formulated by the Finite Element Method:

Geometrically linear and nonlinear statics and dynamics
Eigenfrequency analysis
Linear and nonlinear buckling analysis

A broad spectrum of element types can be used for the discretization. The structural analysis is based on the software package XCARAT. This software is developed by the FEMopt Studios GmbH in cooperation with the Chair of Structural Analysis of the Technical University of Munich.


Nearly all components of technical structures can be improved by application of structural optimization strategies. The FEMopt Studios offer a broad application field of structural optimization methods to their customers. These methods allow for a specific consideration of our customers requirements. Our customers gain multiple benefits from our services:

The Optimization results support our customers in the development process. Our solutions improve the product from the early to the late phase of the design process.
The consideration of the optimization results allows for highly efficient designs without hidden redundancies. Furthermore, the number of development cycles can be reduced significantly.
The high automation level of the methods results in fast and efficient exploration of design alternatives. This improves the design knowledge and ensures a sustainable design process.

Application of structural optimization methods during the design process results in better products, cost reduction and shorter development times!

Software Development

Our team as long-term knowledge in development of CAE software components. The XCARAT software is constantly developed for 15 years. Since then, it was applied in a huge amount of different projects and application scenarios. Actual developments are related to the Ansys Workbench plug-in and the Python interface.

Key assets in software development:

Software integration in existing customer work flows
  • Powerful software packages with effective interfaces in Ansys, Nastran or Abaqus based workflows
  • Development of plug-in solutions e.g. XCARAT plug-in for Ansys Workbench
Performance and parallelization
  • Short solver runtime
  • Enabling of fast design cycles
Development of customer specific optimization strategies
  • CFK optimization in automotive industry
  • Optimization with respect to acoustic emission of structural components
  • Optimized reflection of optical mirrors
The integration of XCARAT into customer-specific processes leads to a reduction of design cycles and therefore to shorter development times. Using optimization strategies developed in-house, more efficient structural solutions can be found compared to standard strategies.

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